Sempack® was invented in 2012, and patented by SEMCO SAM, a Monegasque company established in 1971, expert in the field of packaging.


Sempack® is a flexible conical pouch able to stand up or down. This original and ergonomic packaging is based on the pastry bag concept and can contain all kind of products: liquid creams, pasty or semi-pasty, powders …

Sempack® was designed as:

>  Brand new alternative packaging.

>  Keeping existing advantages and adding new ones to current available packaging.

>  100% eco-responsible.

>  A tool or packaging service ready to use for professionals and individuals.

packaging nutrition

Sectors of Activity


> Cosmetic                    > Nutrition

> Food                           > Home

> Drinks                        > Pharmaceutical  and many more…


Sempack® is first a Touch-Feeling! In fact as soon as you grab the Sempack® you feel in contact with the product. This is an important aspect for us as it allows Sempack® to be a perfect user-friendly tool. With Sempack® you will manage to apply the desired dose very precisely and without efforts.


Each Sempack® can be built to your need with numerous customisation possibilities from the size to the printing, passing by its collar and accessory.


Some of Sempack® advantages:

Eco-responsible: Sempack® offers a reduction of weight and film.

Usage saving: Sempack® optimises restitution and so avoids waste of product.

Handling ability:  Sempack® is a very ergonomic and user-friendly tool.

Protection: Sempack®  is offered with a wide range of films offering different kind of thickness and protection barrier.

Original: Sempack® original design is perfect to be displayed on shelves top up or top down.

And many more…

To be considered Eco responsible Sempack® must be a smart product in each step of its lifecycle.


From the production, where Sempack® minimises the use of  plastic film, to the distribution where it represents a lighter alternative, this packaging offers a more Eco-friendly solution. Its easily foldable and flexible films allows full distribution of the content so avoiding product wastes and also a easy disposal of the Sempack® which will occupy small space once thrown away before being recycled.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information: info@semco.mc

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