PCD 2015 Conference

PCD 2015: Conference session 1 – Cosmetics and Make-Up


PCD is the edition dedicated to innovation packaging as international packaging experts in the fields of make-up, cosmetics and perfumery gather for their annual international reunion.

The event is a unique opportunity to take stock of innovations, technical advances and packaging trends. During 2 days meet 250 leading packaging suppliers from some 70 countries at the exhibition.

Following the opening of the exhibition at 8.45am, discover the conference programme dedicated to innovations in cosmetics and make-up starting at 9.15am.

Session 1 – Wednesday 4 February:

Cosmetics and Make-up: Current status    

Me1.1 Session introduction
Hervé Bouix, Senior Vice President Corporate Packaging Innovation, The Estee Lauder Companies Inc., USA

Me1.2 Trend-led packaging design better to serve brand owners
Jean-Marie Bachelet, DieterBakicEnterprises, France
Dominic Bakic, 
DieterBakicEnterprises, Germany

Me1.3 Massive Revolution: The Power of additives
Loïc Marchin, Président-Fondateur, Pylote, France chairs this session discussing how packaging is and will be increasingly be called upon to fufil operations for which it was not originally designed. New generations of additives make it possible to meet these needs without changing existing industrial processes. Loïc is an expert in inorganic chemistry, holding a material sciences doctorate and is a graduate of Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse).

Me1.4 An Eco-designed packaging Innovation for endless applications
How to twist the Pastry bag use? What kind of applications? From food to cosmetics, for professionals and the general public. The various options and customization – a specific SEMPACK for each formula. The range of advantages from handling, protection, use saving to communication, etc. Wenaël Regnier, CEO, Semco, Monaco shows how all in all, it’s an eco-responsible packaging.
Me1.5 Light interaction, embedded electronics, aesthetic effects
Gérald Martines, Directeur de l’Innovation, Qualipac, France
Astrid Rurkowski, Directrice Innovation et Qualité, Pochet du Courval, France
Mathieu Pivaudran, Directeur Marketing et Création, Pôle Flaconnage, Groupe Pochet, France

Me1.6 Sleever make-up: Mascara
Discover the new reference product for packaging mascaras which meets the combined needs of brands, providing protection, traceability, information and decoration at PCD 2015. Presented by Eric Fresnel, Président, Sleever International.

Me1.7 Lip make-up and airless technology: Review of recent advances
Frank Bierkandt, Director of Sales, Marketing and Innovation, Oeka Beauty, Germany
Jean-Louis Mathiez, Président, CinqPats, France

Conference session 2 – Patent intelligence
Conference session 3 – Perfumes
Conference session 4 – Successful innovation

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A successful project always begins with an encounter. Expertise, technique, materials, anti-counterfeit systems, sustainable purchases, regulatory framework, etc, are all topics dealt with in parallel in the lectures and at the exhibition.

ADF (Aerosol & Dispensing Forum) is co-located with PCD to boost innovations and technology transfers – the cosmetics industry is the largest consumer of aerosols with a 53% share of annual aerosol output.

Award ceremonies

The ADF award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 4th February in Conference Room A at 4.45pm and the PCD award ceremony will take place on Thursday 5th February in Conference Room B at 2.15pm.


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